Adoptable females- RABBITS


Sex: female

DOB: May 2023

Breed: New zealand mix

Awaiting spay

Piper was born from an “accidental” litter in May of 2023. She is extremely feisty, sassy, and curious. Piper needs to be spayed to help manage her hormones, which will help her attitude. She is super funny, and sleeps with her tail stuck straight up! Piper also likes to throw her toys when she needs something. For now, she should be considered for experienced homes only until we can reassess her behavior after her spay. 


Sex: female

DOB: October 12 2022

Breed: hotot mix

Spayed and RHD vaccinated

Allegra is one of the buns that has been with us the longest. She was born after her pregnant mom, Calliope, was caught outside in a feral colony. Allegra and 5 other babies were born! She is named for her dominating presence. In music, allegro means "move quickly". Allegra does just this. She is a shy, yet bold little lady.  She requires a special home as she is high stress. She would love an outgoing partner. Allegra will come with a special fish house that she loves to sleep in.

Yes to: other calm animals, calm children

No to: loud house, chaotic kids and animals


Sex: female

DOB: estimated 10/1/2021

Breed: hotot spotted mix

new intake- possibly already spayed needs confirmed

Sweet Ms. Raspberry came from the saddest place. She and her friends were listed as "last chance for free before they're stew" bunnies, meaning someone intended to eat them. Of course we jumped to save them, but only Raspberry was left. She's a sweet girl who is about 2 years old, and is everything you want in a bunny. She's big, curious and SUPER loving. Her ideal day would be full of pets, soft blankies, sleeping on her side in her litter box, and treats. She loves food and loves life. Perfect addition for an active family.


Sex: female

Alteration status: spayed

DOB: Estimated 4/1/2020

RHD vaccinated

Diana was rescued from Mcminville in 2022 after being hit by a car. 

A woman standing outside heard a bloodcurdling scream as Diana flopped to the side of the road. The woman was afraid of her "diseases", and left her screaming as every car passed for hours until we were contacted and someone brought her to us.

Her traumatic past does not define her future. Diana miraculously recovered with no major injuries. She just has a bit of mobility issues now. Diana requires a low entry potty box, and lifting her legs too high can be a bit tasking for her. 

Diana, despite it all, jumps, runs, and binkies like there is no tomorrow. She loves to be groomed and get pets. Diana also enjoys sunshine and frolicking in her outside playpen.


Sex: female

Alteration status: spayed

DOB estimated: January 2022

Darla was rescued with her partner, Daffodil, after being dumped in the countryside. A couple kept them safe for several months, but did not properly feed them. When we recieved them, they were extremely emaciated. 

With the help of pellets, they chunked up pretty quickly! Darla and Daffodil are now a happy, active, little couple. You'll find them doing absolutely everything together. Darla is the sweeter, more curious bun of the duo. 

These buns do tend to be a bit shy to new situations, and would do best in a more quiet and predictable atmosphere. They are experienced with young children and animals.


Sex: female

Alteration status: spayed

RHD vaccinated

DOB estimated: 5/17/2022

Valentina was found outside in relation to the massive colony of rabbits in Hillsboro, Oregon. She has always been a calm and sweet bunny. She is the perfect partner to our more scared, quiet boy, Phillipe.

Valentina and Phillipe were love at first sight. They bonded without a tussle, kick, or bite (rare!). 

Valentina is a super clean bunny who loves pets, toys and treats. She's petite and has the cutest little fluffy bits on her head, and the most beautiful eyes!

Red eyed white buns are super hard to adopt, so we are happy that she and her REW partner are happy and in love in the meantime.

Racer (bonded to Glacier)

Sex: female

Spayed, vaccinated, litter trained

Breed: Dutch mix

DOB: 10/14/22


Racer and her brother Glacier (plus others) were born in sanctuary care. Once they were fixed, they were rebonded and are inseperable. They do everything together. 

This litter in particular is VERY high stress. Racer is probably one of the most stressed bunnies we've had here. She prefers to be without the extra cuddles, and just get treats to show your affection. She's sassy, and throws cups at her pen when she wants attention.

Glacier is her calming figure in her life. 

Because of her attitude, we recommend only experienced homes adopt Racer and Glacier. They are wonderful bunnies, but may be challenging to new bun parents.


Sex: female 

Breed: Californian mixed



Sex: female

Breed: spotted mix

Age: Est DOB Oct 31 2021

Waitlist for spay and RHD vaccine

Raspberry is a super lovely girl who was listed as "come get her or else she goes in the freezer" (meaning the people that had her intended to eat her). She was rescued by a wonderful adopter of ours who advocated for her. 

She is super curious, and loves to play and cuddle. Raspberry loves to sit up high on boxes and ledges for her naps. Her favorite thing to cuddle in is a bunny flop bed, with ladybug fabric print. She would do well in a active home that can give her lots of love and spaces to nap.