Adoptable females- RABBITS

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Sex: female

DOB: May 2023

Breed: New zealand mix

Awaiting spay

Piper was born from an “accidental” litter in May of 2023. She is extremely feisty, sassy, and curious. Piper needs to be spayed to help manage her hormones, which will help her attitude. She is super funny, and sleeps with her tail stuck straight up! Piper also likes to throw her toys when she needs something. For now, she should be considered for experienced homes only until we can reassess her behavior after her spay. 


Sex: female

DOB: October 12 2022

Breed: hotot mix

Spayed and RHD vaccinated

Allegra is one of the buns that has been with us the longest. She was born after her pregnant mom, Calliope, was caught outside in a feral colony. Allegra and 5 other babies were born! She is named for her dominating presence. In music, allegro means "move quickly". Allegra does just this. She is a shy, yet bold little lady.  She requires a special home as she is high stress. She would love an outgoing partner. Allegra will come with a special fish house that she loves to sleep in.

Yes to: other calm animals, calm children

No to: loud house, chaotic kids and animals

Amelia and Daisy 

Sex: females

DOB: June 10, 2023

Breed: Himalayan x californian

RHD vaccine: yes

Daisy spayed, awaiting on Amelia

Daisy and Amelia, along with 2 of their brothers, were rescued from being slaughtered as part of a 4H program in Southern California. After a 17 hour drive, the babies finally arrived safely. 

At first,  they were terrified...

Now they are full of life and spunk.

Daisy and Amelia are sassy in the best way. Amelia is the bigger of the 2 girls, and her personality accounts for it! She's very outgoing and exploratory.

Amelia is a sweet little ball of sunshine, always wanting treats. 

Both girls love affection.

Yes to cats, unsure about dogs or young children at this time.

Litter trained.

Amity and Magnolia (bonded mom and daughter)

Sex: females

Alteration status: Amity spayed, Magnolia awaiting.

DOB: Amity est 3 years in April 2024, Magnolia DOB 4/7/23

Amity was rescued as part of a 22 bunny seize after they were dumped before a snowstorm. She was pregnant with 3 littles at the time of her rescue. 

In foster care, Amity had her babies behind a shelf and hid them for 4 weeks. One day, our foster saw 3 adorable little puffballs coming out from hiding.

One of those puffballs was her daughter, Magnolia.

Amity and Magnolia now look like sisters, as her sweet baby is so big. They love each other, and love to explore. 

They would love to be in a space in their new home that is very interactive and busy so they can be included in the family.

Litter trained.

Luna (bonded to Doe)

Sex: female

Alteration status: spayed

DOB estimated: March 2023

RHD vaccinated

Luna, and her sister Doe, were found outside in a Hillsboro OR colony at around 4 weeks old. As babies, the girls grew up together and filled everyone they met with so much love.

Luna is spunky and full of life. She enjoys playtime and yard time to "mow the lawn". 

Luna is super sweet, with a beautiful, sleek black coat. Her spirit embodies a playful night sky. 

She can always be found right next to her sister, Doe. They are truly the best of friends.

OK with cats, dogs, and children (they have experience with older kids already)

Litter trained.

Doe (bonded to Luna)

Sex: female

Alteration status: spayed

RHD vaccinated

DOB estimated: March 2023

Doe and her sister Luna were found outside in a Hillsboro OR colony at around 4 weeks old. As babies, the girls grew up together and filled everyone they met with so much love.

Doe is infamous for being the calmer, more docile, deer-like personality... hence her name. She enjoys playing and sleeping on fresh, cozy, blankets. Puzzles and foraging are a huge YES for this little bun. She loves her sister Luna, and they do everything together. 

Good with dogs, cats, possibly younger kids (only has experience with older).

Litter trained.

Rosie Sue (bonded to Thunder) 

Sex: female

Spayed, vaccinated, litter trained

Breed: lop mix

DOB: est June 18 2022

Rosie was quite literally dumped into our arms on a summer day in June 2023. Someone came up to our door, panicked after finding her dumped outside in Wilsonville OR. 

It was hot, and we were glad she was inside.

Rosie Sue was a darling from the start. This is one of the reasons we gave her a classic, beautiful name. 

She loves pets, has half floppy ears, and LOVES her husbun Thunder. They do everything together. 

Rosie is all about energy, playfullness, and love. She is a great bun for a home new to rabbits, and her husbun shares her attributes.

Ok with dogs, cats, kids.


Sex: female 

Breed: Californian mixed


Eileen Rose

Sex: female

Breed:  lionhead mix

Age: Est 7 months at intake Fall 2023

Waitlist for spay and RHD vaccine

Eileen Rose is a wonderful bun with a broken leg in 4 places. She was dumped outside and somehow hurt herself. 

As a transfer from RCRR, she is still being medically evaluated, but could be a candidate for a savvy foster during this time.


Sex: female

Awaiting spay

awaiting RHD vaccine

Litter trained

Breed: hotot mix

Intake March 2023, estimated DOB is March 2022

Francie was an urgent intake due to moving that turned out to be much worse for her than expected. Up until her surrendered, she had spent her life in a wire cage that could barely fit a piece of paper in it. Francie had nails that were over an inch long, and a stained orange dewlap (as pictured) from a life of eating nothing but carrots.

She is a very playful girl with a blossoming personality. Francie is currently getting experience with children in her foster home and doing great. She is very sweet and curious. 


Sex: female



litter trained

Breed: large, spotted mix

DOB: est 9/1/23

Zoe was rescued when she was 5 months old during the January 2024 ice storms in Oregon. She was living outside in a hutch, and it was just too cold for her. 

Zoe is an extremely sassy and sweet girl. She loves to play outside and binky in the grass. She also loves to rearrange her blankies to her liking.  Zoe is a huge fan of pets, especially on her cute little nose.

She is a great bun for an energetic home.


Sex: female


DOB: EST 3.1.23

*Currently only available for foster to adopt until medical care is done

Flutterina was listed for free on Facebook marketplace in a nasty, poop covered hutch. Fearing for her safety, she was grabbed by Avalon and brought to the rescue. This allows finding her a good home to be prioritized over a quick rehoming, and adopters are properly vetted. Flutterina is showing symptoms of being hormonal due to not being spayed, which she will be soon. 

She is a sweet chunky girl who we know will blossom with the right family.