Foster for Avalon!

Fosters Needed - no prior experience required

Fostering Saves Lives!

Do you have space in your home to welcome a bunny in need? Avalon Microsanctuary provides all necessary start up supplies for foster care,  which includes a 4x4 exercise pen or large indoor setup, with flooring, potty box, and starter supplies. We also pay for approved medical expenses such as RHDV2 vaccinations, neuters, and general grooming if needed. 

Fosters have the ability to designate their timeline, with an emergency option available if you are only able to foster for days or even weeks at a time in the most dire of circumstances.

Typically, bunnies stay with their fosters for between 2-6 months. We work individually with fosters to coordinate a timeline that works for everyone. It is in the bunny's best interest to stay with their foster until they are placed in their forever homes.   

Which bunnies need foster care?

Almost any of our "Adoptable" buns are eligible for foster care.  For the sake of providing as much stability as possible for the bunnies, we find it best to place the youngest buns (those who are awaiting spay/neuter when they are old enough) or the newest arrivals (those towards the bottom of our "Adoptables" page with loving fosters.    

Things to Note...

  • While we love to have fosters close to our home base in Portland, Oregon, we utilize fosters nearly anwhere in Oregon and Washington. 
  • We will not foster out sick or contagious animals. 
  • We provide a 4' x 4' indoor setup with flooring, but food, treats and toys are typically expected to be covered by the foster once provided starter food is finished. We use Oxbow pellets only & unlimited Timothy Hay
  • We ask that fosters have adequate transportation available at their disposal for emergencies.
  • Avalon Microsanctuary fosters out buns in large indoor setups only,  for health and safety reasons. 
  • Fosters are expected to give their buns lots of nose boops!
  • A quiet, undisturbed area of your home is best to house your foster bunny.
  • Bunnies do well with other animals in the house, as long as those animals do not have a high prey drive.  In a multi-species household, the bunny is almost always in charge :)
  • Avalon Microsanctuary requests a pickup window notice of at least one week beforehand in case of a sudden need to withdraw from fostering.