Happy Endings

Sometimes it takes time to find just the right fit, and we don't want anyone (bunny or human) to feel that their situation is less than perfect.  The bunnies appearing here are hopeful for their own Happily Ever After with a loving human family.  They are either in Foster to Adopt situations, or, in some cases, are in the process of bonding with another bunny.  Please wish them luck! 

Keep scrolling down to see the Happiest of Endings -- bunnies who have officially been adopted to Forever Homes! This is a new feature for us, so check back as we build our Happiest of Endings section!!

Pearl & Opal

These girls are in a foster to adopt home

Sex: female, spayed

Breed: BEW lionhead

Age: DOB May 2020

Litter box trained: Yes

Pearl and Opal are bonded sisters who were recently turned over to us. The family who surrendered these beautiful girls said they did not have the time or means to take care of the bunnies anymore, and feared their future if they were not rescued.

Pearl is extremely sweet and curious, helping her slightly more anxious sister, Opal, who has a few brown spots on her back, feel safe in whatever environment she is in. The girls love tunnels, playing in hay, and treats!


Corduroy is in the process of bonding with a forever mate

Sex: male, neutered

Breed: lionhead mix? (very floofy and small)

Fixed and vaccinated

Age: 7-10 months estimate

Litter trained: yes

Corduroy is currently in a foster to adopt situation.

Corduroy was rescued with 10 other bunnies from a terrible abuse situation in Southern Oregon. A woman was sent to prison and left all her animals behind with no food or water. Corduroy arrived to Avalon on 10/29/22 with 7 other bunnies that came to the rescue. Right off the bat, he chose love over fear. Corduroy only wants to be held, pet, and comforted. He eats like a champion, and has the cutest and fluffiest little face. He is super curious and does well around other animals. His neuter will be scheduled soon, and until he is neutered, he can be adopted under our "foster to adopt" agreement until he is fixed!


Dove is in the process of bonding with a forever mate


Breed: harlequin, chinchilla mix 

Age: estimated to be 6-7 months old

Litter trained: yes

Vaccinated & Spayed

This sweet girl was rescued with 10 other bunnies from a terrible abuse situation in Southern Oregon. A woman was sent to prison and left all her animals behind with no food or water. She arrived to Avalon on 10/29/22 with 7 other bunnies that came to the rescue. 

Dove's personality has really come out as she realizes more and more every day that she is safe. She loves spending time in her big girl flower bed and on her favorite box. Dove is super super soft and has the sweetest aura about her. She's a gentle soul who can teach us all a lot. This is why we decided to name her Dove, to represent that wise uniqueness about her. 

Dovey girl also has a silly side. She enjoys flopping and exploring when she feels comfortable. Like all bunnies, she is also crazy for food!  

We feel that she would do great with a more comfortable neutered male to be bonded to once she is spayed, to continue to show her that everything is ok and she wont be hurt anymore. 


Paffuto is in the process of bonding with a forever mate

Paffuto means chunky in Italian:)

Sex: female

Fixed: no

DOB: November 2nd 2022

Paffuto is currently in a foster to adopt situation.

Paffuto was born with 8 other babies after a very pregnant momma, Chrysanthemum, came into the rescue days before giving birth. She came from a horrible hoarding situation and was extremely thin. Despite our best efforts to help her gain weight and nourish her frail body, the point was moot. Her babies were born after she needed to be medically induced with oxytocin, and they were maybe 1/3 of the size they should have been. Even with supplemental feedings, 8 of her babies died within the first 5 days. Paffuto was the last of her babies, we kept her fed and safe. She even came to work with us most days. 

Then, by a miracle, another healthier rescued female from the case had 4 chunky babies and "adopted" Paffuto. She nursed her, groomed her, and loved her. Despite being the smallest, she was a big sister to Lucy's  4 gigantic babies.

Paffuto loves being held and loves people. She is silky soft, funny, and sweet. We are so proud of her for making it so far. She will be 8 weeks old on January 2nd, 2023, and will be adoptable.

She needs a very special home!


Kenny is in a foster to adopt situation

Sex: male, neutered

Breed: hotot spotted mix

Age: 1 year old

RHD vaccinated: yes

Kenny is currently in a foster to adopt situation.

Kenny was found dumped outside several months ago. Instantly upon bringing him inside, he blossomed. With the help of a wonderful foster, Kenny has developed a LOVE for humans! All he wants is to be cuddled and have all of the attention he can get. He loves treats and his breakfast especially. Kenny has a wicker carrier that is his "house", which he never stays away from for long. He is a big fan of perching on items too. Whoever adopts Kenny will be SO lucky!!

The Fabulous Mr. Foxy

Foxy is moving to Arizona!

Sex: Male, neutered

Age: vet estimate 2 years

Breed: Dutch mix

RHDV2 vaccinated

Foxy is currently in a foster to adopt situation.

Foxy is one of the boys rescued from the recent horrific hoarding case with Avalon in July of 2021. He arrived to his foster terrified with his three brothers, but they soon realized that they were in a safe place. Foxy is an escape artist, a master jumper, and an incredible smart boy. In his free time he practices zoomies when he thinks we aren't looking ;)

This little man is so sweet! He'd be a perfect boyfriend for a male and female bond...and look at that hair!

Foxy is still learning to trust people and needs to go to a family that will continue to work on his social skills while providing him with endless love and opportunities to binky. He currently weighs in at 4.6 lbs when last checked by our vet. Foxy has completed Revolution treatment for fleas and mites and has been quarantined for 4 weeks. 

Go Foxy, go! 

Allegra - Bonding in progress 7/23

Female, Mixed, spayed, vaccinated, litter trained 

DOB: 10/14/22

Allegra is one of rescue mom, Calliope's babies.  Sweet Calliope was found pregnant and living outdoors in a colony after having been dumped. 

True to her name, Allegra is quick, lively, and joyous. She has a very strong personality. She sticks up for herself and is very brave. 

Allegra loves to explore her surroundings, but like most bunnies, is cautious around new people.  She would blossom with one on one attention and will take all the treats and fresh herbs you care to offer her.  Allegra has excellent potty habits, loves to sit on top of her hiding box and has an adorable brown birthmark in her ear just like her sister, Jubilee. Don't forget her piercing, beautiful blue eyes!

This girl deserves the best!

Dandelion - Foster to adopt 7/23

Male, Lionhead

Neutered, awaiting vaccination

DOB: January 1, 2023 est. 

Dandelion was abandoned on our doorstep in a cardboard box on May 29.  This little guy had fleas, which have since been treated, but is in otherwise good health.  We wish we knew his story.  He is a very affectionate, sweet boy and likes to be held.  We think his big brown eyes and orange floof make him extra adorable and we can't wait until his forever family finds him!! 

Ponyo - bonding with Dove 7/23

Male, neutered

DOB 11/9/2022

Breed: New Zealand Mix

Ponyo is one of Lucy's babies, and he's the sweetest, boy.  Of all Lucy's babies, he's the most shy, and the least pushy.  This boy patiently waits his turn for food, pets, you name it.  He is as sweet and gentle as they come.

As you can see, he has exceptionally long ears, and adorable, sparkly eyes.  We think he's an ideal candidate for bonding.  Don't you just want to snuggle this luscious boy right up??

Dandy Ace - Bonding with Emmaline 7/23

Male, neutered, RHD vaccinated

DOB: June 2021 - 2022 est. 

Litter trained, knows tricks too!

Dandy Ace was rescued after being dumped in Amity Oregon in January of 2023. He was very lucky to be alive, as only 1 day after he was brought inside, 2 feet of snow fell on the ground. Over 22 rabbits were rescued, and the females were pregnant. We think that Dandy's life before rescue was a harsh one, consisting of living in a small wire cage in the country.

Dandy went to a wonderful foster home with a child and a cat, that has taught him how to hop over obstacles, and given him endless love.  His potty habits are excellent and he is extremely smart -- he gets excited for puzzles and working for treats and loves to flop on his side.  He's very social, and runs up to his foster family for treats, attention, nose boops and tooth purring.  This boy likes to free roam and does NOT like being cooped up in a pen.  He would do well with a spayed female to keep him entertained.  Dandy is the definition of love. He is such a special and unique rabbit who is very smart, and very connected to his environment. 

Emmeline - Bonding with Dandy 7/23

Female, spayed, vaccinated

DOB: 2017 est.

Breed: Florida White

Emmaline was rescued from living outdoors in a small, wire cage on December 23rd, 2022, the night of the ice storm in Portland.  It was 25 degrees outside when we saved her and six siblings.   

This super cute girl has gone from cowering in fear of everything to actively seeking attention from her person.  She loves getting pets in her special spots.  Not all spots, mind you, just her very favorite spots.  Emmeline loves fresh herbs in limited quantities, Oxbow treats, and her pellets.  She prefers to rest on a fleece baby blanket, or to lounge in her hay box.  Emmaline would love to find the perfect husbun someday, and to experience the love of a forever family.

Happiest of Endings Adopted!!

Attakisses - Adopted July 2023

Male, mixed, 

Neutered, awaiting vaccination

DOB: January 1, 2023 est.

This sweetie pie, who absolutely LOVES to give kisses, was dumped in early June at a farm store close to the sanctuary.  The carrier he was found in was so filthy dirty it was discarded.  We had seen this boy before online, and knew that his human no longer wanted him.  We suspect he may have originally been purchsed as a baby, to be a birthday gift to a child, by an adult who didn't know or care to learn about proper bunny care.  As babies grow up, they can become unruly if they are not fixed, and when sweet Attakisses arrived here, he humped everything in sight for a couple days.  Now that he's settled in, he's stopped that,  and has been fixed, to prevent any further unsavory behaviors.  Kisses only, sweet boy!!  Doesn't he have a cute little cotton tail?

Douglas Fur & Mouffette - Adopted July 2023

Douglas Fur

Male, fixed, vaccinated, litter trained

Breed: Florida White



Female, fixed, vaccinated litter trained

Breed: Florida White

DOB: December 2018 est.

These two cuties were rescued from living outdoors in small, wire cages on December 23rd, 2022, the night of the ice storm in Portland.  It was 25 degrees outside when we saved them, along with five others.  

These two spent their entire lives in 2 x 2 x 18" high wire cages. They lived feet apart, but never met until they were rescued, and sent to the most amazing foster mom ever, who set them up in side by side pens, so they could see one another.  It didn't take long before they took an interest in one another, and we were so excited for Mouffette to recover from her spay, so they could interact a little more closely (with supervision, of course). 

Douglass Fur didn't take long to warm up to the idea of human contact, and he melts into his foster mama's laps for pets.  Mouffette is a little more reserved, but is learning to trust humans for the first time in her life, and we think that's a beautiful thing.  

We're not 100% sure, but its looking like these two will be bonded for life.  We can't think of a better package deal than to adorable white floofs, can you?  

Asa Bunnerfield - Adopted April, 2023


Breed: larger lop mix (she has helicopter ears!)

Age- estimated 1-2 years old

Litter trained: yes


Asa was found in the middle of the road in Vancouver and was brought to safety by a loving duo who saved her life. 

Asa is super sweet, sociable, and loves people. She truly enjoys following people around and receiving attention however she can. She is a gorgeous grey/blonde bunny with the chunkiest dewlap and floppiest ears ever!

We can't get enough of the bodacious, beautiful, Miss Asa.

Asa has an encephalitozoon cuniculi attributed lesion in one of her eyes. It is not not removable, but luckily, is causing her no pain.  This lesion is a sign of E  cuniculi,  which many bunnies can have.   Her condition is medically very managable, and we have lots of resources on vet care for Asa in her new home, wherever that may be.  

Twila - Adopted June 2023, bonded to Kenny!!


Spayed, vaccinated

Breed: New Zealand Mix

Age: estimated to be 3-4 years old or so

Litter box trained: yes

Twila was rescued with 10 other bunnies from a terrible abuse situation in Southern Oregon. A woman was sent to prison and left all her animals behind with no food or water. Twila arrived to Avalon on 10/29/22 with 7 other bunnies that came to the rescue. She has had her first dose of the RHD vaccine. Currently, Twila is recovering with a foster. She is thin and weary of people, and seems very tired. We hope to find Twila an adoptive home soon that can give her love for the rest of her life. Her spay date will be determined in the future. Until she is spayed, any adoption will be considered a "foster to adopt" agreement. She is a sweet bunny who just needs somewhere to land.

Lady Elodie Binksalot of Poofington Down - Adopted


Spayed & Vaccinated

Age: unknown, but over 1 year old

Lady Elodie was rescued in Wilsonville where she was found in a field, abandoned and soaking wet. Luckily someone found her and got her warm. Icicles had started to form on her little body, as she was dumped in the dark of winter. 

Her personality has blossomed while here. Elodie is sweet, inquisitive, and LOVES to be held and pet. She's like a bird in the sense that she always wants to be on our shoulders. 

She's a very bright girl that would do well in a more active home where she can run, bounce, and bink to her likings! She has lots of energy... and lots of FLOOF as you can see ;)

Elodie is a great candidate for bonding!

Princess Milu Cherry-Blossom of Noseboopington - Adopted!

Female, spayed, vaccinated, litter trained

DOB: January 2021 est.

Breed: REW Double Maned Lionhead 

This petite princess is a double maned lionhead, looking for a home fit for a queen, because, after all, she is Bunny Royalty.  Just look at her beautiful, flowing skirt and graceful little tail! Admire her in all her floof!

Like most princesses, Milu is delicate. She will require a human servant who can groom her impeccably beautiful coat and shower her with love and kisses. 

Milu’s beautiful cherry blossom eyes mean that her vision is not the best. Her majesty prefers to scan her surroundings to get a feel for things and can be easily startled if one doesn’t announce oneself before interacting with her majesty.  She would do best in a bunny savvy palace, where she can enjoy consistency and calm in her Royal environment. 

Milu prefers a strict diet of Timothy and pellets and finds treats quite unappealing. One shouldn’t overindulge, you know… Also, one’s tummy can get a bit queasy when one veers too far from one’s healthy diet.

While she waits for her perfect family to find her, she resides at Avalon, in the dining room wing. She has grown quite impatient with her accommodations, which are not up to her royal standard. She has, however, become quite fond of her fluffy white cushion, which will accompany her to her new palace.

The Princess is RHDV vaccinated , and will undergo spay procedure (we told her it’s a SPA treatment.  You say “Spay”, we say “Spa” ) in early March.

Lucy & Polly - Adopted May 2023

Bonded, fixed, mother-daughter pair


Lucy DOB

Polly DOB: 11/9/2022

Breed: New Zealand mix

Lucy was rescued with 10 other bunnies in Southern Oregon, in November, 2022.  Of those 10, eight ended up here at Avalon.  Lucy arrived to us in fairly good condition, all things considered, and was with us a handful of days before being transferred to one of our amazing fosters.  For a while, everything seemed to be going smoothly, but then Lucy began peeing on the couch and not in her potty box.  Because of this, she was returned to us.  

Wouldn't you know, within a day of being back here, she gave birth to FIVE healthy babies, born on 11/9.  (No wonder she wouldn't potty in her box - she was keeping it clean to give birth!)

We knew right away that Lucy was different from the other Southern Oregon rescue buns.  She wasn't afraid of humans, wasn't as weak and thin as the others.  She was full of love and life -- so much so that she became a foster mom to another baby, Paffutto, who desperately needed a mom to care for her.  We're pretty proud of our mother of six, the Amazing Miss Lucy!! 

Lucy loves attention and pets.  She loves treats.  She loves fresh salads at night.  She loves her babies.  She loves the sanctuary dog.  In short, this girl is practically perfect in every bunny way.  

And, her darling girl Polly, grew up in a pen full of boys, so, needless to say, she has a special place in her mama's heart.  Polly has inherited all of Lucy's good traits - she is sweet, curious, and enjoys human interaction.   

Lucky - Adopted July, 2023

Female, spayed, vaccinated

DOB November 2022

Breed: Californian Mix

Lucky is one amazing girl! She is the only surviving baby of mom, Twila's surprise litter of kits in November, shortly after she was rescued from horrible conditions in Southern Oregon.  While life for Lucky was touch and go for the first couple weeks, she had an amazing foster who went above and beyond to ensure that this girl thrived!!

Lucky is full of personality, and wants nothing more than to be with her humans.  She's very friendly, outgoing and ultra, ultra soft. She will be an amazing addition to an active family who can keep her entertained and spoil her to pieces.  

Leonard - Adopted June, 2023


Rex Mix

This handsome man was found dumped on a farm property in Amity, Oregon, along with several other male and female (some pregnant) bunnies.  When Leonard and his friends were discovered, a dead possum was also found nearby.  We believe there may have been an encounter between Leonard and the possum, resulting in an injury and mobility issues for sweet Lenny. This handsome boy has received veterinary care, ruling out a spinal fracture or other worrisome illnesses.  

He's getting lots of food and loads of attention.  We already know where his favorite scritchy spots are, and he insists on having maximum attention every day!  This boy has the best personality, and we can't wait for him to regain his health

Leonard was adopted by someone with extensive experience for rabbits with disabilities, finding his happily ever after, and growing happier every day!